Ureshino Hot Springs Public Bath "Siebold-No-Yu"

Ureshino Hot Springs Public Bath "Siebold-No-Yu"

Ureshino Hot Springs Public Bath 'Siebold-No-Yu' Ureshino onsen public bath, "Siebold-no-Yu" began operation on April 1, 2010.
The Taisho-style, gothic building, Siebold-no-Yu, is two-stories high and approximately 750 square meters in size. Situated on the opposite side of the river to Ureshino Onsen Park, this building has been restored to its original orange, stylish appearance which brings back a sense of Ureshino's history.
Inside there is a common bathing area, private baths for rent, a citizens' gallery and more, making a great place of relaxation for tourists and locals alike. There is also great accessibility in the form of a multipurpose bathing room with minimal steps, a bathroom allowing wheelchair access and so on, so anyone can come and enjoy themselves. Do check out Siebold-no-Yu for yourself.

●Opening Hours: 6:00 - 23:00 (admission ends at 22:30)

●Closed: 3rd Wednesdays


400 yen for adult (junior-high school student or older), 200 yen for child (elementary school student)
Coupons including 12 tickets (4,000 yen for adult, 2,000 yen for child)
2,000 yen for 50 minutes (up to 5 adults)


Ureshino Hot Springs Public Bath "Siebold-no-Yu"
Tel: +81-954-43-1426


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