Hizenhamashuku Area

Hizenhamashuku Area

Hizenhamashuku Area Hizen Hamashuku is a group of historic buildings built at the mouth of Hamagawa River, and is believed to have been established as a town during the Muromachi Period.
In the Edo Period, Hizen Hamashuku served as a post station for travelers to stay along the Tara Kaido, a part of the Nagasaki Kaido, and also flourished as a port town next to the Ariake Sea.
In April of 2006, the two sites of Hamanakamachi Hachihongi Shuku, where several white-walled sake breweries are located, and Hamashodumachi Kanayamachi, with its thatched and tile roof houses, were selected as important traditional buildings for preservation.
Hamanakamachi Hachihongi Shuku is commonly referred to as "Sakagura-dori" and offers brewery tours. Buildings such as the thatched-roof samurai house (an Important Cultural Property of Kashima city once owned by the Norita family) and tsugiba are definitely worth a look-see.
Do check out Hizen Hamashuku and try a tour with a slightly different kind of volunteer guide (bookings required)!

● Access:
Car: About 30-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Takeo-Kitagata IC
From train station: Hakata Station - Hizen-Kashima Station (60 minutes on an express train) - Hizen-Hama Station (change to a local train at Hizen-Kashima and take 4 minutes)

● Parking Lot:
・Tsugiba relay station side: Parking lot located in front of Kintsuru Pharmacy (lot No. 18 - 23)
・Saga Bank side: Parking lot at the Ruins of Hoenji Temple on the Hama-Ohashi bridge side (accommodates motor coaches)

● Contacts: 
NPO Hizenhamashuku Mizu to Machinami no Kai (Tsugiba relay station), Tel: +81-954-69-8004
Division of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Kashima City Government, +81-954-63-3412


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