Traditional Cultural Exchange Plaza "Arita Kan"

Traditional Cultural Exchange Plaza "Arita Kan"

Traditional Cultural Exchange Plaza 'Arita Kan' Aritakan Interactive Plaza for Traditional Culture is the first place in the world where one can see Karakuri puppets made from ceramics.
The key attraction is the puppet theatre starring puppets made from the famous Arita-yaki pottery. Based on a folk tale told in the Arita region, “The Defeat of the Giant Serpent of Mount Kurokami", a puppet theatre lasting around 7 minutes is performed in Kabuki style. The puppets made from Arita-yaki pottery, which are a crystallization of Arita traditional techniques and cutting-edge mechatronics, are definitely worth seeing. Enjoy watching the sagas unfold with 10 puppets appearing in succession, including Princess Manju and samurai Minamoto no Tametomo. The first floor of Aritakan exhibits works by famous Arita potters such as Ryuzan Aoki, Manji Inoue, Imaemon and the Sakaida Kakiemon potters. The second floor has a cafe corner (rest area) where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee served in the cup of their choice made from either Arita-yaki, Meissen-yaki or Keitokuchin-yaki.


● Access:
From train station: About 15-minute walk from Kami-Arita Station on the JR Sasebo Line or about 5-minute taxi ride from Arita Station
Car: 5-minute drive from Nishi-kyushu Expressway Hasami-Arita IC
Bus: Get on Arita-cho Community Bus at Arita Station on the JR Sasebo Line, get off at “Fudanotsuji” stop, and walk a short distance

● Admission Fee: Free

● Fees for Puppet Show: 200 yen for adult, 150 yen for child

● Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

● Performance available between: 9:30 - 17:00

● Closed: December 29 - January 3

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 3 cars

● Contact: Arita Kan, Tel: +81-955-41-1300


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