Hizen Yumekaido

Hizen Yumekaido

Hizen Yumekaido Ureshino is famous for its hot springs and for its history as a flourishing post station along the Nagasaki Kaido which joined Okura and Nagasaki. Hizen Yume Kaido has recreated the atmosphere of Ureshino as it was back in the Edo Period.
As soon as you step across the checkpoint, you will see characters from famous Japanese period drama "Mito-Komon" or even a ninja, princess or samurai. The "Karakuri Muge Yashiki" where visitors can experience ninja puppetry and the "Ninpou Gojaru Building" where visitors can experience ninja arts are both extremely popular amongst children.
The "Hagakure Ninja Yashiki" where a ninja show is performed daily makes a big impact. The much-talked about Russian female ninja, Natasha of the Shallow Sea, makes an appearance and the ninja show is bound to leave the audience amazed. There is a fun event after the show in which some lucky people could win prizes. The "Hizen Yume Kobo" is another popular facility where visitors can paint their own piece of pottery. Enjoy making a one-of-a-kind plate or mug designed personally by you.
We recommend watching "Gen-san" - Japan's No. 1 Bogus Street Performer, as he puts on an Edo Period performance including acts such as "Selling the Grease" and "Nankin Tamasudare". The Tsujiura fortune telling corner, which is rumored to give spot-on accurate fortunes if you sit silently, is also highly popular. But not to be forgotten is Benzaiten which is also called "Dream Bloomer Benzaiten" because it is said to actually grant dreams.
On April 29, the new Namisum Building will open! The famous Namisum theme park which was used as a location for filming the "Winter's Sonata" drama is coming to Hizen Yume Kaido! There will be Winter Sonata panels and Namisum Theme Park photos on display. To mark the opening, there will be a Winter Sonata Location Lunch Eaten by Yon Himself!! Only 200 of these will be sold each day. Do give it a try!
There are also souvenir shops and restaurants. This historical theme park is recommended for both families and couples.


● Access:

From train station: Get on JR Bus bound for Ureshino Onsen at Takeo-Onsen Station on the JR Sasebo Line, get off at Kokaido Mae stop, and walk for 5 minutes
25-minute taxi ride from Takeo-Onsen Station on the JR Sasebo Line
Car: 5-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Ureshino IC

● Entry Fees: 1,600 yen for adult, 1,000 yen for junior-high or high school student, 500 yen for 4 years and older but up to elementary school student (money must be exchanged to the Village currency. 1,000 yen is equal to 1,100 ryo.)

● Aoi-Gomon Crest (entry fee + one-day pass): 3,000 yen for adult, 2,500 yen for junior-high and high school student, 2,000 yen for 4 years and older but up to elementary school student

● Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

● Open every day

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 300 cars (free of charge)

● Contact: Hizen Yumekaido, Tel: +81-954-43-1990
[Website] http://www.hizenyumekaidou.info/
[e-mail] info@hizenyumekaidou.info


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