Oidena Saien Vegetable Garden

Oidena Saien Vegetable Garden

Oidena Saien Vegetable Garden Oidena Saien features a rental farm where you can grow vegetables just the way you want, and a tourist farm where visitors can experience the four seasons through potato gathering, mandarin picking, trout fishing and so on. We want you to experience the joy of growing the delicious bounty of nature then gathering it yourself firsthand.
Oidena Saien also has two types of accommodation so you can enjoy a variety of farming experiences to your heart's content. There is a vacation home-style accommodation which can be hired on an annual contract. The other form of accommodation is one where anyone can stay on a casual basis. Both of these are log houses which blend in perfectly with the beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can enjoy a comfortable outdoor experience enveloped in Nanayama's nature.


● Fees:
Rental farm: 15,750 yen per section (30 square meters; per year)
Log cabin for long stay (accommodating 4 to 8 people): 525,000 yen (per year) (deposit: 100,000 yen)
Log cabin for short stay for 5 people (accommodating up to 8 people): 15,750 yen (per cabin, for a night), the sixth and later people must pay additional 1,050 yen each. Rental tents available

● Open every day

● Access: Car: About an hour drive along Route 323 from Saga toward Nanayama

● Parking Lot: Available (free of charge)

● Contact: Oidena Saien Vegetable Garden, Tel: +81-955-70-7010, Fax: +81-955-70-7011


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